Saturday, March 14, 2009


Oil on Canvas

This was my breakthrough piece. While the entire class worked on painting the model, I worked only on painting her feet. Not just because she has beautiful feet, (I do not have a foot fetish) but to be honest, I didn't like the pose. I thought it was a little boring and could not see spending every day for the next two weeks painting it. I expected to finish the feet in a few days and then work on another part of her body, taking apart the elements of the pose that I liked, more or less creating an anatomy series. I was a bit surprised that every day I came in to work, I found more things to do. And I never got bored.

I learned a lesson in this piece. There is a mistake I made that I decided not to fix. Because if I fixed it, I might forget I had made it and then forget the lesson. I do not think anyone notices it when they look at the piece, but it is all I see.

And I remember.                    

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